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Bryan Yen and Jake Pimental met at Startup weekend in 2015. Both had passion for innovation and technology to help makes people’s lives easier and better.

The two, along with a team, lack of sleep, and a six pack built a company in a weekend to win the startup competition. The two knew they would soon build a great company together.

During a trip to Vietnam, Jake experienced a true, made-to-measure fitting and buying process. He was truly impressed with the fit, quality and care that went into the clothing that was designed uniquely for him.

Jake and Bryan both discussed how great this experience was and realized that there was not an easy, affordable way to get made-to-measure clothing in the United States.

Both knew that mass produced clothing is cheaply made and fits well only to the “average body type”.

Jake and Bryan decided to create tailoredme to give people a unique clothes buying experience that was high quality and optimal fitting.

tailoredme’s ambition is to give people true confidence and comfort so anybody can feel and look their best.